PixVerse AI Video Generator

PixVerse AI Video Generator

PixVerse is a new AI tool that stands out in the crowded field of AI video generators. It offers a unique feature set, including a built-in upscaler, and is currently free to use. This web-based tool can be accessed through a browser at https://app.pixverse.ai or a Discord server, offering flexibility in how users engage with it.

Users have two main options for creating content: using text or images. The platform provides a variety of prompts, including positive, negative, and an innovative “inspiring prompt” that generates two related clips.

It supports multiple styles, such as realistic, anime, and 3D animation, and various aspect ratios. Additionally, users can randomize their creations through a “seed” option.

The image-to-video tab simplifies converting images into videos, with controls for the strength of motion and no negative prompt options. PixVerse also offers an interesting feature that allows users to upscale their creations, although this process may take a lot of time, especially when the system is working at full capacity.

Video Gallery

PixVerse AI Video Generator places created videos in a community gallery by default, but users preferring privacy can generate videos via direct message with the PixVerse bot on Discord, keeping their creations out of the public gallery. Commercial use of the videos is allowed, as detailed in the terms of service.

The platform is developing a subscription plan and currently has a beta tester program. Becoming a beta tester involves creating a video with PixVerse, sharing it on social media, and tagging PixVerse.

What is the Beta Tester Program?

The Beta Tester Program at PixVerse is actually a community designed to bring together our most active and enthusiastic users. In this program, members have the unique opportunity to be at the forefront of testing new features and updates. Even before they are released to the broader public. As a member of the program, you will also have extra benefits such as generation without watermark, more concurrent generations, and free access to premium plan, etc. (See below for more info)

As a part of this community, beta testers are encouraged to actively engage in creating content, sharing their unique tips and tricks, and providing valuable feedback. This collaboration is not only about experiencing PixVerse’s latest developments first-hand but also about shaping the future of our product.

Through this program, members can connect with like-minded individuals, participate in discussions, and contribute to the growth and improvement of PixVerse. We believe that our users’ insights are vital in helping us build a better, more user-centric product. Joining the Beta Tester Program is more than just testing the product; it’s about being part of a creative and innovative journey with PixVerse.

Supported Video Length

Creating videos longer than four seconds directly on the platform is not yet possible, but workarounds exist, such as those detailed for other platforms like Pabs and Runway ML. Adding PixVerse bot to personal servers is not an option at this stage.

Generating videos via Discord is straightforward, with options to remove watermarks and enable fast mode available for subscribers. The output quality of PixVerse is commendable, and while it remains free, it provides a valuable resource for AI video generation amidst other platforms transitioning to paid models.

The tool’s capabilities and the variety of options it offers for video creation make it a noteworthy addition to the tools available for content creators, artists, and anyone interested in exploring AI-generated visuals.

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