PixVerse Beta Tester Program

PixVerse Beta Tester Program

Thanks for your interest in becoming a Beta Tester of PixVerse. In this post, all your questions will be answered regarding the entire program. We now officially invite all active users and talented creators to join in our Beta Tester Program.

What is the PixVerse Beta Tester Program?

The Beta Tester Program at PixVerse is actually a community designed to bring together our most active and enthusiastic users. In this program, members have the unique opportunity to be at the forefront of testing new features and updates before they are released to the broader public. As a member of the program, you will also have extra benefits. Such as generation without watermark, more concurrent generations, and free access to premium plan, etc. (See below for more info)

As a part of this community, beta testers are encouraged to actively engage in creating content, sharing their unique tips and tricks, and providing valuable feedback. This collaboration is not only about experiencing PixVerse’s latest developments first-hand but also about shaping the future of our product.

Through this program, members can connect with like-minded individuals, participate in discussions, and contribute to the growth and improvement of PixVerse. We believe that our users’ insights are vital in helping us build a better, more user-centric product. Joining the Beta Tester Program is more than just testing the product; it’s about being part of a creative and innovative journey with PixVerse.

What can benefit from it being a Beta Tester?

Watermark-Free Video Generation: Create videos without the PixVerse watermark, offering a cleaner, more professional look to your content.

  • Private Generation: Enjoy the privacy of generating content that stays just between you and PixVerse, ensuring exclusive access to your creations.
  • Increased Concurrent Generations: Access the ability to generate multiple videos concurrently, enhancing your productivity and creative flow.
  • Priority Queue Access: As a Beta Tester, you get prioritized in our processing queue, meaning your creations get generated faster.
  • Early Access to New Features: Get a first look and feel of our newest features.
  • Social Media Content Amplification: If your content is selected by our team, your content gets a boost! It will be reposted by PixVerse’s official social media accounts and added to our curated playlist on the PixVerse website.
  • Additional Perks with New Features: As we evolve, you’ll enjoy other potential benefits that come with our latest features and updates.

By joining the Beta Tester Program, you’re not just testing new features; you’re enhancing your creative experience and influencing the future of PixVerse!

What should I do as a PixVerse Beta Tester?

Engage actively with PixVerse: Explore our latest features and share your valuable feedback to help us enhance the user experience.

Contribute to PixVerse’s growth by: Promoting PixVerse online and within your personal and professional networks.
Creating and sharing content made with PixVerse on social platforms, and remember to tag us in your posts.

Support our community by: Sharing your unique tips and tricks with fellow PixVerse users, aiding them in producing even more impressive videos. Offering answers and solutions to questions within the community, especially in areas where you have expertise.

Your participation and contributions are instrumental in shaping the future of PixVerse and fostering a vibrant, supportive community.

How to become a Beta Tester?

Create a video using PixVerse, and showcase it on your favorite social platforms (we love seeing your work on Twitter and YouTube!). Don’t forget to tag PixVerse on the respective platform (Twitter & Youtube).

To submit your creation, please send an email to beta-tester@pixverse.ai with the following details:

  • Your social media account links.
  • A direct link to the posted video.
  • Any additional comments or feedback you’d like to share with us.

Our team will review your submission and if your work meets our criteria, we’ll respond within one week to grant you the exclusive benefits of being a PixVerse Beta Tester. Looking forward to seeing your creativity in action!