PixVerse Weekly Theme

PixVerse Weekly Theme

This week’s PixVerse Weekly Theme “A post-apocalyptic future”. Create a short film showcasing a world devastated by a deadly virus or the harrowing aftermath of a devastating war.

Creation & Submission Time:

Start time 22/03 00:00am – End time 03/04 11:59pm (Pacific time)

How to Submit?

Craft a short video using PixVerse based on the weekly theme. We encourage you to share your creation on your social media platforms (Twitter/Youtube/Reddit/…). You can find PixVerse’s official links in Discord channel.

  • For Twitter, please use #PixVerse #PixVerseChallenge as hashtags, and make sure to mention @PixVerse_
  • For Youtube, please use #PixVerse #PixVerseChallenge as hashtags, and make sure to mention @PixVerse_Official
  • For Reddit, please join our Reddit community r/pixverse and post you creation there. And please use #PixVerse #PixVerseChallenge as hashtags

Please also write down anything you want to say about your creation-story behind it, thoughts during creation, or feedback about PixVerse AI.

Submit the link of your final creation under #weekly-submission Discord channel for official participation.


After the submission stage, we’ll have the voting session to select the winner🏆 .
Start time: 03/04 00:00am – End time 04/04 7:30pm (Pacific time). Vote with a Star (50%): Cast your vote by lighting a star ⭐️ for submission. PixVerse will count ONLY by number of stars.
PixVerse Team (50%): Select outstanding works through internal voting.

For further details, please refer to our PixVerse announcement regarding the PixVerse Weekly Theme Challenge.

Adherence to Community Guidelines

  • Follow the Rules: All entries must adhere to our community guidelines and rules.
  • Respect and Creativity: Entries must respect others and showcase creativity.

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