PixVerse Character-to-Video

PixVerse Character-to-Video

You can now make videos of characters using just one image. And maintain consistency with the character regardless of the scenes you create. Here’s how the PixVerse Character-to-Video feature works. Follow these steps.

Step 1. Accessing the “Character-to-Video” feature

  • – Open http://app.pixverse.ai and sign up for free,
  • – Select Character from the menu,
  • – Then click on “Create Character”.

Step 2. Create the Character

  • Upload an image to use for your character.
  • Name your character and click “Create Character”
  • Now wait a few seconds while PixVerse completes the training.

Step 3. Create Videos

  • Click on “Create” and select Character from the menu,
  • Enter your prompt, select aspect ratio and click Create,
  • Wait a few minutes while PixVerse creates your video.

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